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Brightside is a social enterprise based at CAN Mezzanine, Loman Street. It uses online mentoring to connect young people with inspirational role models so that they can make confident and informed decisions about their next steps in life. Brightside want to make sure that every young person has the right support and information to achieve their ambitions.

The objectives of the project were:

the brightside trust

Theory of Change

brightside theory of change

CAN Provided


Strengthening of Brightside’s Theory of Change: Brightside now have a finished version of the Theory of Change.

CAN Invest support, including providing constructive criticism and strategic insights, helped Brightside to translate the research and concepts that they had developed independently into something more coherent and concise for internal and external audiences.

CAN invest

Developing a quality and impact framework: CAN Invest helped Brightside to create frameworks based on robust indicators which they can begin to implement in the following months.

The impact framework incorporates the indicators required for each outcome for measuring impact factors such as attribution and deadweight. The quality framework includes indicators that enable Brightside to track the quality of different elements of the mentoring programme in a robust manner.


Establishing systems to efficiently review contract opportunities

CAN Invest worked with Brightside to produce a financial model that presents Brightside’s financial and HR requirements in different scenarios of growth.


Strengthening of Brightside’s Theory of Change: The production of an external facing ToC will directly help Brightside to win sales by being able to coherently articulate the impact that its programmes have.

Developing a quality and impact framework: This will greatly improve Brightside’s ability to use impact data in business planning and project design. It will also help CAN Invest to understand how and which of our activities create change and for which specific profiles of beneficiary.

Establishing systems to efficiently review contract opportunities: The development of the financial model will allow Brightside to plan and resource for new projects and large contracts.

CAN invest's work with the brightside trust