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CAN Invest created a Theory of Change and refined social impact survey for charity Speakers Trust

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The Speakers Trust is a charity based at CAN Mezzanine, Loman Street. The mission of Speakers Trust is to create pathways for young people, from primary school through further education, to enhance their speaking and communication skills.
The charity has run Jack Petchey's “Speak Out” Challenge! (JPSOC) for 11 years, training mixed ability groups of 14-15 year olds in mainstream state schools in communication skills through public speaking. The Jack Petchey Foundation (JPF) has provided generous support to deliver the programme in London and Essex.

The objectives of the project

Speakers Trust are preparing for national expansion of the programme by enhancing outcomes in line with teachers’ objectives and developing an add-on package to support teachers to sustain the impact of JPSOC across a longer period.

CAN Invest has been working with Speakers Trust to help the organisation to understand the different outcomes that JPSOC creates and how Speakers Trust's unique approach helps to achieve this. This has been mapped out in a Theory of Change that has been co-created between the two organisations based on engagement with teachers, alumni, current students, JPF and the Board. The ToC has enabled CAN and Speakers Trust to develop a refined social impact survey for students and teachers, which is based on academically robust questions, and enables Speakers Trust to capture a broader set of data on their social impact.

Over the next few months, the two organisations are going on to examine:

Speakers Trust also aim to integrate powerful storytelling across its impact management project, identifying and trialling new ways to combine data with compelling narratives.

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