CAN Invest and The Posh Club created by Duckie

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Created by Duckie, The Posh Club is a weekly glamorous performance and social club for older people held in five locations across London and the South East. Duckie is an arts and cultural enterprise that produce 100 events and 100 workshops each year to bring communities together.

The Posh Club’s three-hour events are styled as a tongue-in-cheek ‘posh’ 1940’s afternoon tea with three live show business turns, volunteer waiters in black tie, vintage crockery and an in-house pianist. The Posh Club emphasises dressing up, regular access to live performance, social connectivity and intergenerational volunteering.

The Posh Club was invented in Crawley, a town in West Sussex, in 2013 by Simon Casson and his sister Annie for their Mum who was in her 80s and feeling a bit lonely, after recently moving to the area from the more socially vibrant Hackney. Two years later, the club was expanded to their old stomping ground Hackney to rave reviews.

CAN Invest begun working with Duckie in 2016 and since then, the network has grown from two to five clubs with regular events happening in Crawley, Hackney and Elephant and Castle and new clubs opening in Hastings and Brighton in early 2018.

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See the full Theory of Change.

The objectives of the project were:


CAN Invest provided:

The Posh Club’s first Theory of Change: The Posh Club now has a glitzy ToC to showcase its truly unique approach to working with older people, explaining how this creates short, medium and long-term outcomes.

CAN Invest facilitated two workshops in Hackney and Crawley with a range of stakeholders including visitors, volunteers, funders and partners.

It also provided scripts to Duckie who undertook further engagement with members of The Posh Club.

Finally, constructive criticism and strategic insights were provided through further conversations with Duckie who then designed to promote its brilliant programme.

Social impact surveys for The Posh Club: Once Duckie had confirmed the key outcomes through their Theory of Change, CAN Invest undertook desk research to develop social impact surveys that included questions that were academically verified in assessing the impact of The Posh Club.

Duckie tested the surveys with The Posh Club guests and CAN Invest refined them in a flexible way, based on feedback to make sure that they are suitable and proportionate for its beneficiaries, staff and volunteers.

Developing an impact framework for five+ Posh Clubs: CAN Invest helped Duckie to create an impact measurement framework that was suitable for its scaling plans over the next few years.

The impact framework incorporates the survey questions that were developed and enables Duckie to report on the social impact of each Posh Club. Results can be broken down by different demographics such as age, gender and ethnicity.

CAN Invest also provided instructions and guidance so that Duckie is able to use the framework effectively for many years.

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Theory of Change: Duckie now have a one-page document that clearly articulates the outcomes that The Posh Club achieves and how it does so. This document can be used to win funding and partnerships and explain The Posh Club to new staff, volunteers and beneficiaries.

Social impact surveys: Duckie are now able to measure the social impact it creates over the course of a few weeks, months and years. It can be confident that the results of these surveys are valid based on CAN’s development of questions that are academically robust.

Impact framework: Duckie can now see live snapshots of the impact it is achieving at each club and universally. It is able to quickly pull relevant data for funders and partners as required and is now in a position to critically analyse the level of social impact that it is achieving.

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