SHINE logo 150x150SHINE on Saturday provides extra tuition to disadvantaged children on Saturdays by allowing teachers to offer more creative lessons and giving children access to enrichment activities.

SHINE would like to expand the reach of SHINE on Saturday and approached CAN Invest to help with this. SHINE and CAN jointly secured funding from the Impact Readiness Fund to deliver this work, and involved the International Centre for Social Franchising to provide additional advisory on replication options.


Right from the start of the project, CAN Invest developed a bespoke approach to our organisational needs rather than attempting to import generic frameworks which might be appropriate to larger organisations."


The objectives of the project were:

• To develop a more efficient delivery model to deliver impact in a more financially sustainable way
• To better understand the social value of SHINE on Saturday
• To identify the most appropriate replication model for the programme


CAN provided SHINE with:

• A 3-level financial model to test scenarios of budget and impact at frontline schools, regional hubs and central SHINE level
• Lower-cost delivery model, based on best available UK evidence of operational drivers that deliver social impact 
• SROI impact framework, including outcome indicators to be incorporated into surveys and financial proxies to value outcomes for students, families, teachers and others
• A refined Theory of Change and a forecast SROI report for SHINE evidenced by extensive desk research and stakeholder engagement


As a result of the project, SHINE has:

• A scalable financial model that will allow SHINE to triple the number of students it will help per pound invested over a five year period, with the confidence that key social impact/outcomes will be delivered
• The tools to robustly monitor and communicate the social impact and social value that SHINE on Saturday creates both per school and collectively 


SHINE said:

“A huge thank you for all your hard work on this project. We have really enjoyed working with you and we believe it will make a huge difference to the children we support.”

SHINE_Theory of Change