Shepherds Bush Housing Group

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Shepherds Bush Housing Group (SBHG) provides affordable, high quality homes and helps create stronger communities in West London.  

SBHG commissioned CAN Invest to produce a Consolidated Impact Framework, to help measure the wider value that the Group delivers for a large range of stakeholders with a single, comprehensive framework.




The objectives of the project were to:

• Measure the value delivered by SBHG through its projects and services within three core strategic priorities
• Find the financial-equivalent valuation of  fiscal, economic and social outcomes to estimate its worth to particular stakeholders


CAN provided SBHG with:

• A Consolidated Impact Framework detailing the methodology and supporting references
• The estimated value of the social and economic impact their projects deliver
Recommendations for improving the quality and robustness of SBHG’s impact measurement and reporting


As a result of the project, SBHG has:

• An estimate of the value created by the organisation as a whole and each of its projects
• A single document summary of the changes that occur for residents and other ‘end-users’ of its services, as well as for Local Authorities and other public bodies
• A framework for measuring SBHG's impact on its wide range of stakeholders
• A longer term outcome: SBHG won additional contracts and work

The result of this work was that SBHG could show their projects and services creates £3 worth of social value for every £1 spent.