QISMET logoQISMET supports organisations that help individuals and families to ‘self manage’ their medical and care needs by developing and managing standards and certification for self management education and training services.

QISMET wanted to demonstrate that external certification brings benefits to organisations, commissioners, and ultimately results in better quality services for patients. They asked CAN to produce a report into the feasibility of developing an impact assessment tool to measure QISMET's material outcomes.


The objectives of the project were:

• Identify material outcomes for QISMET through stakeholder engagement
• Make recommendations on feasibility of measuring outcomes and evaluation design


CAN provided QISMET with:

• A report for each stage of the study, plus a final, consolidated report


As a result of the project, QISMET has:

• An initial scope and design of a full evaluation and framework for assessment tools
• Recommendations for outcome measurement and feasibility
• Recommendations for full evaluation design and feasibility
• Recommendations on refinements to current audit system.


Going forward, CAN's work provided QISMET with the information they would need to make any decisions on future impact measurement.  This was a unique project to measure impact at ‘3rd steps removed,’ i.e., the impact of (1) accreditation of (2) training programmes for (3) people who self-manage their health conditions.