Manor House Development Trust - SROI project

MHDT logoManor House Development Trust is a charitable social enterprise based in the London Borough of Hackney. They deliver, and help other organisations to deliver, community services which are value for money and create lasting benefits. This approach allows the community to lead and determine its own future.

Following on from the previous social impact report that CAN on worked with MHDT, CAN Invest was commissioned to help MHDT to measure their social impact and produce an Impact Report. This project was part-funded by arc: an initiative of Business In The Community. 


"CAN Invest were always there when we needed them, ready to offer expert advice and work through complex issues. Working closely with CAN has helped our organization feel more confident about designing our own impact measurement and data collection frameworks."


The objectives of the project were:

• To produce an SROI (Social Return on Investment) report and factsheet showing the social value MHDT creates 


CAN provided Manor House Development Trust with:

1-2-1 advice and mentoring to help MHDT develop:
• An impact framework detailing outcomes across multiple business areas, projects and stakeholder groups
• Financial proxies and impact factors to estimate social value
• A factsheet presenting the social value created over a six year period


As a result of the project, Manor House Development Trust has:

• An impact framework for ongoing impact measurement
• An understanding of how to develop financial proxies and impact factors to be able to calculate impact for future years
• A visual understanding of the impact MHDT has created, accessible for a range of stakeholders

As a result of this work, MHDT can now estimate the social value of their work for a range of stakeholders, and now have the tools and skills in place to continue to develop how they measure and communicate their impact.  At a strategic level, they have positioned themselves as an emerging leader among London community-based organisations that are truly committed to measuring and communicating the impact they create.

Download the report here.


MHDT SROI factsheet page 1 

Click the image to see the Factsheet in full.