Manor House Development Trust - PACT project

MHDT PACTManor House PACT is a Big Lottery funded project, run by Manor House Development Trust (MHDT).  It aims to empower the community living in Hackney and Haringey to live more sustainably and build resilience to the effects of climate change in an urban setting. 

MHDT commissioned CAN Invest to help measure the impact that the PACT project delivers for its stakeholders by developing a bespoke Impact Measurement Framework and data collection methodology.  


The objectives of the project were to:

• Measure the impact of Years 2 and 3 of the PACT programme and the benefits to stakeholders


CAN provided Manor House Development Trust with:

• A data collection template to gather data and measure impact for over 1,000 beneficiaries
• Developed surveys for over 12 activities
• Ran three focus groups to measure the qualitative impact of the programme
• An Impact Report for Year 2 of the programme


As a result of the project, Manor House Development Trust has:

• Evidence of the value created for a range of beneficiaries in year 2 of the programme
• Surveys and data collection template for ongoing measurement of data in year 3

The result of this work was that the Manor House PACT project could show a range of impact, including that 90% of residents that have participated in Home Energy Visits have improved knowledge of climate change and resources to improve the energy efficiency of their home.

Download the report here.

 infographic MHDT