Manor House Development Trust

MHDT logoManor House Development Trust is a charitable social enterprise based in the London Borough of Hackney. They deliver and help other organisations to deliver community services which are value for money and create lasting benefits. This approach allows the community to lead and determine its own future.

CAN was commissioned to help MHDT to measure their social impact and produce an Impact Report. This project was partly funded by Business in the Community (BitC).


The objectives of the project were to:

• Develop a Theory of Change to visually demonstrate the outcomes its beneficiaries have and how this happens
• Develop and deploy a survey to measure the outcomes identified in the Theory of Change
• Analyse data collected by survey to be able to show the extent to which outcomes were achieved


CAN provided MDHT with:

• A Theory of Change workshop with MHDT stakeholders
• Developed indicators to measure outcomes, that became questions in a survey 
• Conducted data analysis based on responses to the surveys
• Provided thoughts and feedback to inform the Impact report

As a result of the project, MDHT has:

• A Theory of Change for the organisation
• A template of survey questions for future data collection
• Some insightful analysis on the social impact MHDT creates based on data collected, that can help to inform future strategy
• A template report that it can develop as it continues to measure and demonstrate the social impact it creates in future years


As a result of this, MHDT was able to understand how and why it created real social value. MHDT identified that it was able to maintain long-term engagement with local residents and that this long-term engagement was crucial in creating lasting social impact.

Download the report here.
Hackney and Haringey residents who saved money through the MHDT PACT Home Visits scheme.
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