London Early Years Foundation (LEYF)

LEYF logoLondon Early Years Foundation (LEYF) is a leading UK childcare social enterprise. LEYF has more than 340 staff across 24 community, workplace and Children’s Centre nurseries in six London boroughs, affecting the lives of more than 2,000 children every year. LEYF commissioned CAN to assist it in developing a social impact framework.

The innovative framework builds on LEYF and industry research to quantify not only LEYF’s ultimate impact on childhood development, but also the drivers behind this impact.



The objectives of the project were:

• Develop an ‘impact unit’ to report year-on-year improvements in LEYF’s impact
• Provide recommendations on how to improve impact reporting in the future
• Provide a framework for both internal and external reporting/monitoring impact


CAN provided LEYF with:

• A report detailing the methodology and supporting references
• Presentation for social investors
• Templates for internal reporting
• A recommendations document


As a result of the project, LEYF has:

• A framework to track its impact over time and focus its investment decisions
• A ‘language’ to engage social investors with regarding LEYF’s social impact
• Knowledge of areas where LEYF could improve its reporting, and how to do so
• Longer-term outcome: CAN's work alongside other inputs, helped LEYF secure £1.25m in social investment to scale their operations


The result of this work was that LEYF could strengthen its reporting and back up anecdotal evidence of impact with data, proving to investors about how LEYF adds value. LEYF could also use this work to set targets for its future impact.