BITC arc

BITC arc logo 150x150Business in the Community is a business-led charity committed to building resilient communities, diverse workplaces and a more sustainable future. It works locally, nationally and internationally with members to transform businesses and transform communities, believing that responsible leadership is the ability to balance doing both.

Their arc programme launched in September 2011, its flagship social enterprise programme to support social enterprises to grow and place 1000 Olympic borough residents into jobs by 2015. The programme expanded to cover West London in December 2012, with a similar target of supporting social enterprises to grow and place 1000 West London borough residents into jobs by 2016. The programme was created in collaboration with its Founding Partners, BP, Deloitte and Visa Europe and its strategic partner Social Enterprise UK. 


The objectives of the project were:

To analyse the arc programme to date in terms of its impact through an impact report outlining the evidence, analysis and valuations of impact as appropriate. Specific emphasis was placed on: 

• Identification, evaluations and valuations of key impact areas such as job creation, business support services and the volunteering programme
• Creation of a programme specific impact framework
• Production of an in-depth Impact Report

CAN provided BITC with:

 Refined Theory of Change: relevant desk-research and stakeholder engagement was used to refine abd better represent the journey of the stakeholders whioch interact with the programme.
• Identification of key impact statistics: to develop output valuations and analyse arc's existing data
• Valuation of inputs and contributions of arc and its partners 
• Production of qualitative case studies 
• Impact Report: offering engaging charts to highlight notable impact related findings alongside explanatory narrative and methodology. 

As a result of the project, BITC has:

• A framework to track the future impact of its existing and future enterprises
• A survey design enabling annual capture of important impact related data from all of its social enterprises
• An impact report to demonstrate impact of the programme to the board and its funders


As a result of this, BITC produced an in-depth and rigorous annual impact report which showcased the depth of impact of the arc programme since its initatyion in 2011. 

BITC have an increased ability to attract more arc coporate partners, renewed interest from previous and existing arc corporate partners and more social enterprises.