Early Intervention Fund: our objectives

Early Intervention Fund: our objectives Early Intervention Fund: our objectives

The Early Intervention Fund aims to deliver on multiple fronts.



1. For young people and their families in London

We will help Voluntary Charity and  Social Enterprise (VCSE) organisations to deliver and/or scale Early Intervention (EI) activity that targets issues in:

(i)     child welfare and troubled families
(ii)     education, including early years provision
(iii)     training and employment for young people, and/or
(iv)     antisocial behaviour and criminal justice.


2. For VCSEs

 We will help VCSE organisations in several ways, including: 

i.   Small loans for VCSEs to safely 'test the waters' of the emerging social investment market
ii.   Business support to help VCSEs sustainably scale their work and potentially shift from grant dependency to outcomes based contracts
iii.   Provide unsecured loans to organisations at affordable rates which are can be linked to social outcomes.


3. For the sector

At a sector level, our fund will:

i.   Help efforts to redress the public funding pressures which are increasingly supporting reactive 'A&E' services over longer-term, targeted 'early action' activities.
ii.   Increase sustainability of Early Intervention (EI) providers in London, for the benefit of EI commissioners and residents alike.