CAN Invest - What is Social Impact?

As an organisation with a social purpose, impact measurement is the primary method by which you can understand your performance.

A robust measurement framework is compelling to funders and commissioners and allows you to demonstrate your social impact to key stakeholders.

Social impact is the effect of an activity or intervention on the wellbeing of individuals and/or groups e.g. Families.

Download the Stairway to Impact

Understanding your organisation’s social impact can help you to:

  • Maximise your mission and inform growth strategies by focusing resources on areas of highest impact
  • Prepare to take on social investment by developing a compelling impact case
  • Negotiate contracts for services or develop the business case for new services
  • Communicate the value of the work you do to a diverse set of stakeholders
  • Strengthen applications for funding from grant making bodies such as trust, foundations and local authorities
  • Support organisational effectiveness by aligning all areas of the impact framework and guarding against mission drift and impact risk. 


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