CAN³ - What the accelerator programme offers

Increased income, impact and sustainability, provided with up to 60% discount on market value

The CAN³ accelerator programme offers:

CAN3 logo on wall CAN3 skills

Space: Up to ten desks in our own dedicated space at CAN Mezzanine in Borough

Skills: Up to 15 days bespoke 1-1 support covering five core areas to accelerate your growth

peer to peer learning in CAN3 CAN3 logo on wall

Coaching: 4x 1-1 coaching sessions and 4x themed surgery sessions

P2P: 1x Impact Management workshop and 12x p2p hackathons

 Cost and Value

Your first desk comes in at only £3,500 (ex VAT) and £1,000 (ex VAT) for additional desks thereafter* - up to a maximum of 10 desks...meaning organisations coming onto the new CAN³ floor can benefit from office costs and business support with a saving of more than 60% of market value! 

 * additional Facilities charges apply at £97.50 per month, per desk. Not inclusive of call, print or postal costs incurred, which will be charged on a monthly basis based on your usage


Example organisations:
2 desks: Costs = £6,840 / Value = £17,330
5 desks: Costs = £13,350 / Value = £36,965
10 desks: Costs = £24,200 / Value = £68,190


Sounds good to me, but who else is part of the community already?

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