CAN Invest - Peer to peer learning

"Peer-to-peer learning gives you a creative environment where you can collaborate and build innovative ideas while also sharing and experience the highs and lows of running your organisation.

It’s crucial you don’t feel alone."

Matt Stevenson-Dodd, Chief Executive of Street League and CAN Trustee on his experience of peer-to-peer collaboration.


Why be lonely when you can be in CAN³?

It doesn't have to be lonely at the top - a problem shared is a problem halved...

Stuck on a problem?  Have no-one else to turn to?  Peer-to-peer interaction on our CAN³ fast-track growth programme enables you to...


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Avoid the loneliness of problem-solving...

...get experiental advice from others going through - or having been through - the same experiences.

heart mug 2 Improve your key strategic decision-making...


... be part of an innovative 'learning by doing' scheme. 

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Have regular contact with other leaders...

Be part of a peer-to-peer coaching programme with other leaders also driving growth in their organisations.

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Work alongside other like-minded individuals and organisations...

Our CAN³ floor has room for up to 10 of the UK's most promising social ventures, so you'll be in great company.

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Generate ideas and approach problem-solving from a different perspective.

Our 'zonal' floor allows you to step away from your desk and move into the Networking or Learning zones, where you can find others to collaborate with.



At CAN we've long championed the power of peer-to-peer learning - speak to us today!