CAN³ - What is an impact led strategy?

We can help organisations to become impact-led in everything that they do, both strategically and on the frontline.

 But what on earth does that mean?

An impact-led organisation is one that has ‘sussed out’ the key areas of their business so that they are delivering maximum impact for each individual that they support. Not only that, but they have a model that maximises impact for the people they support at scale. Not only THAT, but, they have also found a way to ‘get paid’ for impact. An impact-led organisation has the infrastructure in place to identify and share best practice across the organisation and uses key findings for sales and marketing to drive growth.

So, an impact led strategy in action:


1. Let’s consider an example organisation that supports ex-offenders to get employed by learning cooking skills.

2. Delivering maximum impact: the organisation found that trips to Michelin starred restaurants kitchens were (whilst expensive) the most cost-effective way to inspire beneficiaries and increase their ambitions.

chef in kitchen

3. Delivering maximum impact at scale: the organisation found that if recipe sheets were stored online, beneficiaries could review them at home and practice them to build their confidence, rather than printing different versions that tended to get lost and cost more money.

4. ‘Getting paid’ for impact: the organisation found that by marketing the restaurant as a social enterprise, rather than as a normal high quality restaurant, they increased their sales and impact.

I’m suitably intrigued, but what are what are the actual benefits to my organisation of all of this?

What are the benefits?