Change Please Year One Case Study

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Change Please's mission is to tackle homelessness by selling great coffee. By empowering homeless people with the skills, equipment and speciality beans they need to become fully-fledged baristas.


Homelessness is a growing problem in London and the UK, progress has stalled and cynicism has increased. Change Please is a partnership between the Big Issue and a social enterprise designed to remedy this.


CAN were delighted to invite Change Please to join the CAN³ programme and saw huge potential for fast growth of social impact by working with more individuals that were previously experiencing homelessness.


What Change Please needed support with:

CAN³ provides support in the five key areas that we feel are crucial to developing an impact-led strategy for growth. CAN Invest and Change Please agreed that support in year one would focus on:

change please's first year in the can3 accelerator programme

Support provided in CAN³

Change Please received 7.5 days of support, to develop the following:

2 and a half days icon A Theory of Change, to help Change Please to communicate the change they make to associates, partner employers and society.

calendar 3 days A bespoke Impact Measurement Framework, giving Change Please a robust and systematic approach to collecting impact data.

half day iconA refined Risk Register incorporating impact risk, indicators and mitigating actions.

1 day calendar A Business Screening Tool to more efficiently select the most impactful business development opportunities

Sales Support to more effectively win new business

change please impact measurement theory of change

See the full Theory of Change

“The programme is very good and comprehensive and has been key to our development over the last year. It has enabled us to increase links with similar organisations, secure extra investment and funding, provided us with a very useful operational base for our vans and office meetings, supported CEO and Founder for organisational and personal development and enabled us to focus on key objectives and focus our efforts towards social impact.”

Laurence Higgens, COO

change please in can3

Results after 12 months in CAN³

Income: £420,000 (9x increase on the previous year).

Impact: 8 FTE baristas employed for at least six months, who were previously experiencing homelessness  (67% increase on previous year).

Desk: 2 desks (no change from 2 desks in the previous year).


Summary against CAN³ objectives

Deeper impact: the growth of Change Please means they are providing employment to more individuals that were previously experiencing homelessness. The support from CAN³ in understanding their impact better and improving quality of activities will enable Change Please to increase the level of impact per beneficiairy.

Embedded impact strategy: Change Please’s senior team have embedded impact within their strategy for growth.

Improved systems to manage impact: Change Please now have robust monitoring tools to underpin fast growth.

Change Please are scheduled to remain in the CAN³ accelerator for at least a further 12 months. The mutually agreed plan will include work on the following:

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