CAN³- Accelerator programme in London

Free business and impact advice in subsidised office space; to accelerate your impact, growth and sustainability. Please note: we are not accepting new applications at present.

Our Vision and Mission

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Our vision is a world in which the economy and essential services are run by organisations that put people and planet first. Such a world is possible! But it needs a critical mass of people and sustainable organisations that prioritise the needs of everyone, especially those who are currently marginalised or left behind.

  • Through CAN³, our mission is to create and nurture a community of truly social enterprises that are sustainable, committed to maximising social impact, and work with each other and others to help make the world a better place.

Through CAN³ support, you will:

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Boost growth and sustainability

Increase your income and potentially reduce your costs 


  • Average turnover increase after 12 months in CAN³: 87% (based on current CAN³ customers)
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Create more impact

 Support more people, more effectively


  • Average beneficiaries supported increase after 12 months in CAN³: 57% (based on current CAN³ customers)


We know what it's like to sustainably grow a medium-sized social enterprise- we've successfully done it ourselves!

 We have increased our turnover to £4.5M in 2016/17, moved from grant dependency to 99% trading income, raising over £18M in commercial finance and manage over £40M in assets.

 We are also one of the leading UK experts in helping social enterprises build their capabilities in impact-led strategy, business growth and investment readiness.

I like the sound of this, but how does the programme actually work?

How does it work?