Corporate Engagement

Leadership through social change Leadership through social change

The Benefits of Corporate Engagement

As well as helping you achieve CSR targets, ‘engagement’ offers valuable, measurable business benefits, such as:

  • Enhanced employee development, retention and job satisfaction
  • Experiencing working in a different value structure environment with complex stakeholder groups
  • Achieving social impact and CSR targets
  • Improve problem-solving skills
  • Combining CSR with HR and business objectives
  • Improving company pride and loyalty
  • Two-way learning

Our corporate giving programme works at the most senior levels to match your executives’ talents with growing and ambitious social enterprises, which benefit from:

  • High-level business advice
  • Donor recognition
  • Improved systems and processes
  • A fresh approach to problem-solving
  • Overcoming barriers to growth
  • Improved sustainability and social impact


To find out more about the mutual benefits of third sector engagement: