CAN Invest - Business advisory services

The CAN Invest team can provide business advice to social organisations to help them understand current and future business opportunities.

This is critical for enabling organisations to make better informed decisions and become 'business ready'. 


The services we provide include:

Business planning with CAN Invest  

Business Planning

We will identify the key areas of your business model that require addressing and ensure your plan aligns with strategy before sharing with key stakeholders such as funders and trustees.

CAN Invest Financial Modelling  

Financial Modelling 

We will build or adapt financial models, so that you understand the different options available to achieve your growth and scaling objectives. We help you to understand the financial impact of these different scenarios.

CAN Invest Operational Effectiveness  

Operational Effectiveness

We can help your organisation achieve greater effectiveness and efficiency by reviewing processes to ensure you are making best use of your resources.

CAN Invest Growth and Expansion  

Growth and Expansion

We will give you an understanding of the key variables to consider when deciding to undertake a contract or plan for scaling up.

CAN Invest - CAN Engage  

CAN Engage

For more than a decade CAN has been engaging the corporate sector to achieve social change, working closely with private sector organisations to help them deploy their time and skills in the third sector and fulfil their corporate social responsibility (CSR) missions. Our corporate engagement programmes work because, as a successful social enterprise ourselves, we have a deep and practical understanding of social enterprises’ growth challenges and business needs. 

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Why choose CAN Invest?

  • Our advisors are experienced in change management, lean methodologies, organisational design and governance, project management, social investment and social impact.
  • We are experienced in working with numerous organisations helping them to: Scale up their social impact, generate organic growth, secure investment and win contracts.
  • We are an approved provider of several funds, including the Big Potential Fund and previously for the Investment & Contract Readiness Fund and Impact Readiness Fund.


If you would like to talk directly to a member of the team about CAN Invest services, contact us now!