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CAN Invest- approved provider of the new Impact Management Programme

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What is it all about?

The Impact Measurement Programme (IMP) offers grants of circa £50k to charities and social enterprises to get better at ‘managing their impact’. 

CAN Invest is a provider of the new Access Impact Management Programme

What do I get?

Successful applicants will receive expert support to help take their organisations to the next level of impact measurement and management. To do this, approved providers such as CAN Invest will help organisations to get better at quantifying, improving, scaling and getting paid for social impact.


How does CAN help?


To apply, you must partner with an approved provider – CAN Invest is one of 21 approved providers.

CAN Invest offering an interactive workshop for applicants to the Access Impact Management Fund

Can I apply?

The IMP is a fantastic opportunity for England-based organisations that already collect outcome data and have a theory of change. See the full eligibility criteria.


What are my next steps?

CAN Invest is a provider of the new Access Impact Management Programme.

CAN Invest also run training workshops. Read more about our interactive impact management workshop taking place on 17th March.

If you are successful at signing up for the workshops, or would have liked to attend but were unsuccessful, for further information please contact CAN Invest.

Find out more about organisations we have helped to improve their impact measurement and management.