What makes a good charity?


What makes a good charity?

What do you need to be looking at to make sure your charity or social enterprise is performing as effectively as it should? 

Think tank New Philanthropy Capital (NPC) recently published a guide called What Makes A Good Charitywhich outlines areas that need to be assessed to determine a charity’s effectiveness.

The guide aims to help charities review their performance and funders make decisions about where to focus support needed. By analysing their performance, charities can see areas for improvement, enabling them to achieve more for the cause they care about. The guide has been split into four key areas – Purpose, Impact Practise, People and Finance and Operations. Within each area it is explained why each area is important, the key questions to be asking and what to look out for in order to reach a judgement.


What makes a good charity questions

What makes a good charity questions Source: NPC 

You can download the full guide here.

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