The Irene Taylor Trust move into the CAN³ Floor!


The Irene Taylor Trust move into the CAN³ Floor!

The CAN³ accelerator programme sees The Irene Taylor Trust move in this week.


An incredibly inspiring organisation that we are proud to welcome onto the CAN³ floor, transforming the lives of prisoners and ex-prisoners through music. The Irene Taylor Trust are set to grow and achieve even more with the support of CAN³.


"Creating music. Transforming futures.

We believe that creating original music collaboratively can make a powerful impact on people’s lives, bringing them new confidence, important transferrable social skills and raised aspirations for the future. Music can break down barriers and help people who have found themselves pushed to the fringes of society to become celebrated and valued members at the heart of the community. Our projects light a spark that can be the catalyst in supporting people to change their lives for the better."


Visit The Irene Taylor Trust's website.

More about CAN³ here.

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