Meet the Team - Head of Impact and Investment Strategy - Rohan Martyres


Meet the Team - Head of Impact and Investment Strategy - Rohan Martyres

1.    What is your role at CAN?

Head of Impact and Investment Strategy


2.    What does your role entail?

I lead on CAN’s social impact and social investment work.  This includes our funds, our advisory services for charities and social enterprises including in impact and investment readiness, and more generally, helping CAN to ensure it can have a greater impact in future.


3.    How long have you been a part of the CAN Team?

I’ve been with CAN for 2.5 years, starting as a social business analyst within CAN Invest.


4.    What’s great about working for CAN?

My colleagues at CAN – they are a bunch of committed and bright people who really want to help the sector.

It’s also a real pleasure and privilege to be working with a range of amazing people at charities and social enterprises across England who are doing so much to make society a better place.


5.    In your role, what would be your top tip to others?

Urgent is not the same as important.  I think we all struggle with this (at least I do!), but try to keep one eye on the horizon, even if you’re busy navigating shoals and reefs just in front of your ship. 


6.    Which 5 famous people would you invite to a dinner party and why?

I’d be looking for people to help me take my hosting from disaster to passable:

  • As soon as people see the canapés (cheese on toothpicks?), they’ll know it’s going to be a *long* evening.  Luckily, Pope Francis’ radiant smile will cheer everyone up.
  • Graham Greene, because you’re meant to focus the conversation on religion, politics and more human affairs at dinner parties, aren’t you?  And he’ll take on the burden himself to down any drinks that I’ve mismatched with the main courses.
  • Simone Weil will provide a fearless critique of all my errors, and show me where to improve in future.
  • Mary Berry – for the inspiration of what you can achieve in cooking and life.
  • Skippy – a mate from back home (Down Under) who’ll gobble up anything the others refuse to touch.


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