Landmarc: a CAN Invest case study


Landmarc is a world leading provider of integrated support services in military training, targetry and explosives handling locations, including total facilities management, range and training area design, range safety and specialist environmental services.




Landmarc were keen to get an up to date picture of the organisation’s reach in terms of its current social impact and financial value.

CAN Invest and SEUK, who completed a similar evaluation in 2013/14 (the Landmarc Difference), were commissioned to undertake another Impact evaluation for FY 2017. Landmarc recognised that internal activities and the external landscape had changed and therefore wanted to get a more accurate and up-to-date understanding.

Additionally, there was a need to align the results with the organisation’s new Sustainability Strategy, which focuses on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.



For the evaluation, the following activities were undertaken by CAN Invest:

  • Interviews and liaison with departmental leads to understand the activities delivered and potential areas of impact to evaluate;
  • Review and statistical analysis of internal data;
  • Desk research on any relevant external comparative data and financial proxies (for estimation of financial value);
  • Development of case studies (through semi-structured interviews and questionnaires).




A technical, engaging and professionally designed Impact Report, including:

  1. Landmarc’s annual contribution to the UK economy, society and environment, in terms of three types of contributions:
  • direct (i.e. Landmarc activities)
  • indirect (i.e. Landmarc commissioned activities/in Landmarc supply chain)
  • enabled (i.e. activity on Landmarc-managed land)
  1. A selection of in-depth case studies to exemplify Landmarc’s approach and extent of its impact.
  2. A forecast potential value of future initiatives.

The Impact Report provided Landmarc with a more current and accurate understanding of their reach in terms of social impact and value.

It also enabled them to assess their progress against their new sustainability strategy aligned to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Finally, this helped the organisation to communicate the full value of their services to partners and procurement teams.

“CAN Invest and SEUK provided us with an in-depth understanding of the social enterprise sector. Their communication and service throughout the project were excellent.

We hope to use this report as a springboard for setting clearer objectives, improving monitoring and increasing our engagement with social enterprises so that we can make some further strong progress.”

Amanda Williams, Sustainability Manager, Landmarc


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