Jargon busting – what does ‘impact-led’ strategy actually mean?


Jargon busting – what does ‘impact-led’ strategy actually mean?

An impact-led strategy enables social purpose organisations to manage and make decisions based on their social and environmental impact, and move from ‘having’ a social mission to ‘being’ their social mission. 

For those organisations that want to deliver lasting positive social impact, they need a strategy that is ‘impact-led’ or in other words a plan that outlines how they utilize their different activities and resources to maximize the positive social impact they deliver. 

Developing impact-led strategies can often take organisations into uncomfortable territory as it acknowledges that your organisation has limited resources and that to maximise impact you will need to say ‘no’ to some opportunities in order to say ‘yes’ to others. However, an impact-led strategy is ultimately very powerful as it gives your organisation the clarity to identify the strongest opportunities and the business case for pursuing these, whether this is through contracts, social investment, or use of internal resources. 

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