Impact Measurement - how much is my pint really worth? Part 2


Impact Measurement - how much is my pint really worth? Part 2

Part 2 of Ben Pearce's Impact Measurement blog. Not read part 1? Read it now! 


How much credit can the pub take for Chas’ state?

What else is contributing?

We spoke earlier about all of the things captured within the price of the pint that help Chas feel so relaxed. But what else could have contributed besides that?

Chas: “Not much else man. Work was pretty stressful today. I mean I’m looking forward to going back to a tidy bedroom (I hoovered last night). But it’s pretty much down to this; outside of this pub things aren’t particularly relaxing.”

From what Chas is saying, a lot of the sense of relaxation is down to the pint at the pub. We’ll say that 75% of the outcome is down to this and 25% down to other things in his life, like having a solid home life.


How relaxed would you feel anyway?

Another thing to consider in impact measurement is – could Chas have got this outcome anyway eg. could he have done something that would have led to him feeling this relaxed anyway? So what does Chas normally get up to on a Friday night?

Chas: “Well last week I went out for dinner with my Uni mates. But they were all caught up in this Corbyn-mania so that wasn’t much fun. I went for a walk on a Friday afternoon in the summer of 2009... Clearly that was boring.

To be honest, my Friday nights are pretty lame these days – these more or less monthly sessions with you are my main jam!”

It doesn’t seem like Chas’ other Friday night options have the same effect as being down the pub. He gets some enjoyment out of the other things he does, so we’ll say he could have got 25% of the outcome through other methods if he hadn’t have come to the pub with Dave.


Is anyone else suffering through Chas’ pleasure?

When Chas enjoys the benefits of relaxed pint is anyone else missing out? We reckon there are two major ways this could happen. One is if the pub is full so no-one can get a seat (and hence their level of relaxation diminishes).  Tonight the pub is half full so there’s no-one missing out. The other is if others suffer from Chas’ anti-social behaviour, but as Chas is more a maudlin drunk than a riot when he gets a pint or five in him, we opt for 0%.


How long will the change last for?

This is a very minor ‘intervention’ so we’re not expecting life-changing emotions to ooze out of Chas for years to come as a result of this one brief pub session. In this instance we’ll go for the rest of the day.


So what’s the damage?

Now we’ve got all the information we need to assess the value this one pint of the beer at the pub created for Chas! Let’s take a look into the ‘beer box’:

Invest Blog - table 1


So we can estimate that the whole experience is worth £9.60 to Chas! It’s certainly worth somewhere between £5 and £12 and all of the ‘best guesses’ we’ve made above lead us to the final figure. Almost double what he paid for – well done Chas.

However, most impact measurement is from the perspective of an organisation and how much value they create for others. Let’s now have a look at how much credit the pub can take – it’s ‘beer box’ time:

Invest Blog - table 2

So the pub itself can feel pleased about their night’s work – they received £5 from Chas and helped him to get £5.40 out of it. 40p more than he paid for it!

Of course, this example isn’t focused on an intervention delivering social value to beneficiaries, which is where impact measurement really comes into it’s own – putting values on the things that people find hard to value, but that are really important to them.



So we’ve gone through a very simple process of identifying and measuring the value created by having a pint of beer. It’s not been the most robust and it won’t win any awards, but it should help you to understand some of the nuts and bolts that go into impact measurement. If you do want to find out more about this topic, then take a look at some of our case studies on work we’ve done to measure impact for some of our amazing clients. And if you think this is something you and your organisation could use, then go for it! But do feel free to get in touch if you’d like some advice and support.

Disclaimer:  Do impact measurement responsibly.   This analysis is for illustrative purposes only. Pubs of the UK – please don’t put the price of a pint up any higher than it already is!


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