Change Please at CAN Mezzanine: Coffee brings fresh hope for homeless


Change Please at CAN Mezzanine: Coffee brings fresh hope for homeless

CAN Mezzanine, Borough welcomes social enterprise Change Please onto its CAN³ floor. 


After training for a month, Change Please develop their skills in areas such as sales, marketing, customer service, financial monitoring and admin. After six months, it helps the new baristas to find permanent employment with one of its partners. Past employees have set up their own companies, received further training or employment elsewhere.



Supported by the Big Issue, its mission is to empower the homeless by providing them with the skills and equipment to become fully fledged baristas and employ them to work on its coffee carts.


Laurence Higgens, Chief Operating Officer for Change Please said, “Taking homeless people off the streets and providing them with employment means that less is spent on benefits, their mental and physical well-being is improved and it prevents them falling further into the cycle of homelessness and all of the problems relating to that."


“The way we work and the opportunities we provide is part of the solution to solve homelessness. It’s about the individual difference it makes to people’s lives – it’s quite a good intervention.” 


Change Please coffee is roasted at its partner café, Old Spike Roastery in Peckham.

Change Please sell its coffee wholesale to businesses and can be booked to sell coffee at events. In addition to roasting coffee, the grounds are also used as bio-fuel.

“I’m very impressed with the support from CAN³ and the recognition of our work. We like to tell people that we have won a competition that is very important for our future.”

“We are looking forward to receiving bespoke mentoring from the sector gurus and it’s great that we can divide the time between the experts however we choose.”
"CAN Invest are helping us to get on our feet over the next 18 months or so while we grow the business. CAN provides more than just an office space which is very useful because there’s only a couple of us and a new enterprise is challenging.”


“It’s great to be in an open plan space around lots of organisations all doing good work and it’s so central for meetings.”


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