CAN Invest introduce their new approach to p2p: Sprint Hacks!


CAN Invest Sprint Hacks

By Ben Pearce – Social Business Manager at CAN Invest

Through the CAN³ programme*, the CAN Invest mission is to create and nurture a community of truly social enterprises that are sustainable, committed to maximising social impact, and work with each other and others to help make the world a better place.

We have recently added two new organisations to the programme, taking us up to six, and our first organisations have been part of the programme for a year now. Upon reflecting and evaluating the programme, we have made some changes to increase the value on offer to organisations. One of those changes is to facilitate more peer to peer interactions between our CAN³ participants. Therefore, we have introduced 6x8 Sprint Hacks…

Sprint Hack group

What are Sprint Hacks?

CAN Invest has facilitated two monthly one-hour sessions based around a specific theme for organisations to source solutions to particular issues that they are having. So far, the sessions have covered issues related to marketing, governance and delivery.

Peer learning

  1. A lot of issues that crop up for small charities are those that others have either resolved or are also struggling with. This should be an effective way of helping your organisation to learn and develop, both by hearing suggestions related to your own specific issue and by hearing what is going on with other organisations.
“It was very interesting to be around a table with the other organisations and find out more about what they do/challenges they face. It was useful to hear new, external perspectives on a problem that internally we might think ‘we're doing all we can’ to address.”

2. We want to increase peer learning between our amazing CAN³ organisations

Sprint Hack

Who takes part?

Six individuals from six CAN³ organisations will attend the session, i.e one person per organisation.


Each participant has eight minutes to present an issue and source solutions and ideas from others. The eight-minute time limit is strict and it is the responsibility of the individual presenting the issue to source ideas within the time. Green (6 mins left), Amber (3 mins) and Red (1 min) lighting will signify time remaining.

“I enjoyed the different perspectives, the focus of time and the networking opportunities.”


Content to date

Some of the topics that have been covered to date include:

  • How can we make high quality designed materials without any design expertise in-house
  • How can we maximise our social media output without significant input
  • How to engage alumni / former beneficiaries
  • How to create an effective team culture with new staff and remote/part-time working
“It was really good to hear more about what everyone does.”

Outcomes to date

  • Organisations have shared brand guideline templates and designers they have worked with
  • Simple tools for social media planning were shared along with high impact hashtags
  • Consider empowering alumni to manage performance and training for former beneficiaries
  • Different approaches of acute and chronic engagement were shared for staff teams

Organisations rated the events as:

  • 7.5/10 for usefulness
  • 8/10 for being engaging

The top benefits to date have been:

  • Meeting other CAN³ organisations
  • The feedback received from others
  • Understanding more about what others do
“It was great having lots of different points of view.”

Watch this space for more insights from CAN³ 6x8 Sprint Hacks!

*The CAN³ programme, run by CAN Invest, offers free business and impact advice in subsidised office space to support fast-growth organisations to accelerate their impact, growth and sustainability.

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