CAN Invest and Cogent Ventures make Top 3 for ICRF grants based on investment raised


CAN Invest and Cogent Ventures make Top 3 for ICRF grants based on investment raised

A recent article published by the Social Investment Business, showed CAN Invest ranking third in terms of the issue of an Investment and Contract Readiness Fund (ICRF) based on the size of contract won from the grant. 

The ICRF is a Cabinet Office funded initiative, which enables social ventures to access new forms of investment and compete for public service contracts. 

The ICRF provided £95,815 in grant to mental health charity City and Hackney Mind (CHM) to work with a team of experts lead by CAN Invest, with support from Cogent Ventures and Cordis Bright. 

CAN Invest help CHM with a range of core business areas, including:  financial and operations modeling, social impact measurement, and business planning.  With the ICRF support, CHM went on to secure a contract valued at £10,164,000 to help Hackney residents with a range of mental health needs. 

Speaking about the process of working with CAN Invest and Cogent Ventures, Krishna Maharaj, Chief Executive of City and Hackney Mind said; 

“My experience is that they were extremely helpful; quick to identify our key aims and challenges, and to design a strategy which responded to these. The work CAN provided was to a high quality and responded well to our organisation’s needs. 

I am very happy to recommend CAN to other charities who required support to develop their effectiveness and secure social investment.”


Rohan Martyres, Head of Impact & Investment Strategy at CAN Invest says: 

"With their £10m contract, City and Hackney Mind is making the transition to leading consortium bids, and managing complex contracts that coordinate a range of third sector organisations to deliver mental health outcomes for residents. 

It continues to be a pleasure to work with Krishna and his team at City and Hackney Mind, and are extremely pleased that the hard work of everyone involved, not least the team at City and Hackney Mind, has led to such a positive ‘win.’"

CAN Invest is proud to help charities and social enterprises to become more commercial, and will continue to work with organisations such as CHM.

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