Brightside Celebrate 15th Anniversary


2018 marks the 15th Anniversary celebrations for Brightside, an organisation that uses online mentoring to connect young people with inspirational role models so they can make confident and informed decisions about their next steps in life. Brightside has supported 100,000 young people since 2003, and now mentors 10,000 young people a year across every region of England.

Identifying positive outcomes 

As part of celebrating the 15th Anniversary Brightside have shared results from a recent external impact report completed with CAN Invest. The report has helped establish the outcomes that beneficiaries achieve and has shown that during their engagement with Brightside, young people experienced small to medium statistically significant improvements in: 

  • Coping skills improved by 4.8%
  • Hope improved by 3.9%
  • Social capital improved by 12.0%
  • Human capital improved by 12.8%
  • Confident decision-making improved by 5.2%
  • No improvements for growth mindset or self-efficacy 

“This report is a very exciting development for Brightside, presenting an initial analysis of the outcomes that our beneficiaries achieve, which we are working to understand further. In order to improve our projects, we will produce an action plan based on these findings and also publish annual impact reports.”

Anand Shukla, Chief Executive, Brightside


The CAN Invest team began working with Brightside three years ago to develop their Theory of Change.


Ben Pearce, Social Business Manager, CAN Invest said:


‘Since starting work with Brightside we have been impressed with their strategic focus on robust evaluation and the increasing sophistication of their impact measurement systems. This most recent report provides important insights into where Brightside’s mentoring is most associated with measurable change and outcomes for their end users, and is already influencing Brightside's approach and priorities for effectively delivering social impact.’ 


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