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CAN Invest Impact Management Workshop

CAN Invest Impact Management Workshop

What are you doing on 17th March 2017? Do you want a massive opportunity to increase your understanding and knowledge of ‘impact management’ and take your organisation to the next level?

CAN Invest invite you to an upcoming ‘one day intensive diagnostic workshop’ to find both ‘quick-wins’ and ‘deep wins’ that mean your organisation will better monitor, enhance and ‘get paid for’ your social impact. The purpose of the day is to identify the underlying but moveable barriers to improving your management of impact.

CAN Invest is a provider of the new Access Impact Management Programme

Do you need support in the following four areas our workshop will cover?


Access’ Impact Management training

If the answers are YES, then this workshop will be of significant value to you and your organisation!  

What are some of the themes the workshop will cover 

  • A holistic organisational focus: adding a detailed and practical exploration of the specific organisational management issues
  • A bottom-up and beneficiary-focused approach: strong focus on the clients/beneficiaries as drivers for management and not just as recipients of outcomes
  • Diagnose the underlying challenges that lie behind the surface ‘symptoms’ or problems your organisation faces 

Why choose us?

The workshop will be facilitated by practitioners from CAN Invest (and Anton Simanowitz) who have extensive experience of delivering social impact management programmes for social enterprises (over 30 consultancy projects in 2016 and over 100 across our team) and extensive expertise from lessons learned in the microfinance industry.


By the end of the workshop the following objectives will be realised…

  • Identification of your organisation’s strengths and weaknesses in managing impact
  • Enhanced understanding of of how you get paid for impact (business model), how you deliver impact (delivery model), systems and processes, and ingredients of success (impact drivers)
  • A holistic review of your organisation based on dialogue with sector peers
  • Identified key areas that will lead to most substantial value add to deliver against your mission


  • Price £200
  • Up to three members of your organisation can attend (minimum two required)
  • Participation from your CEO and impact management responsible (Usually ‘Head of Delivery’ or ‘Head of M&E’)
  • If a registered Trustee/Board member also participates we will reimburse 50% of the original fee as we believe Trustees play a key role in impact management (that’s £33 per person for a full day workshop)

Please get in touch to register your attendance.

Limited to only six spaces available. Apply now to avoid disappointment!

‘Invest in the best…CAN Invest’

About your co-facilitators

Rohan Martyres, Director, Impact & Investment, CAN

Rohan oversees CAN’s advisory and funding services for VCSEs (e.g. CAN Invest services).  He has worked with more than more than 100 VCSEs and funders on impact and business readiness projects, and specialises in helping VCSEs improve their impact-driven strategy and business readiness.  He focusses on impact strategy roadmaps, advanced Theory of Change, programme evaluation and impact evaluation designs for funders and VCSEs.

Rohan is an accredited SROI Practitioner, and is a Trustee of London Funders, the umbrella body for public and third sector funders of London civil society.  He holds first class degrees from Melbourne and Cambridge Universities.

Anton Simanowitz, Associate, CAN

Anton Simanowitz has 20 years’ experience working globally in M&E, and impact measurement and management, with practitioners, investors, technical assistance providers and policy makers to improve the effectiveness of social enterprises in delivering positive social outcomes.  

Anton brings valuable insight in maximising social impact from the micro-finance industry.  He developed and took the concept of ‘social performance management’ into the mainstream of microfinance, where it is any used as an industry standard used by thousands of micro-finance organisations globally.   Anton has more recently worked with a wider range of social ventures internationally and in the UK on social performance management, and promoting the concept of impact management (e.g. leading a BSC roundtable, and speaking at numerous conferences).  Anton is also the author of The Business of Doing Good, which outlines 6 insights for building effective social businesses that deliver on their good intentions. 


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