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Social Investment

Social investment is the use of finance to achieve a social, as well as a financial return.

 We’re an approved social investor on Good Finance

CAN Invest is an approved social investor on Good Finance

Use our 5 minute self-assessment tool to get a better understanding of whether social investment is right for your organisation.

The social investment market helps VCSEs raise capital that they may not be able to secure from conventional investment sources, and helps investors find organisations that deliver them a social as well as a financial return.

For Investors


For Social Enterprises

CAN Invest services provide the following to investors:    CAN Invest can help you with investment in the following ways:

  CAN Invest for Investors


Social investment fund set up and capacity building

            CAN Invest for Social Enterprises   Manage several in-house funds         

CAN Invest for Investors

  Impact due diligence and portfolio audits   CAN Invest for Social Enterprises   Approved providers for industry funds, e.g. Big Potential

CAN Invest for Investors


Deal generation

  CAN Invest for Social Enterprises   Provide impartial advice on social investment options


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