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Benefits of Business Mentoring

Business mentoring can push your organisation further.
Mentoring can seem like a trendy buzz-word, but will it actually benefit you and your organisation? We think so! Take a look at some of the reasons that mentoring can be the push you need.



blackboard fast growth

Support for the fast growing post start-up

The speed of growth can take you by surprise. A business mentor can guide you through that and how to manage the process.

Alongside that, if you're on the CAN³ floor the team can work with you on strategic planning and business modelling. 

blackboard brick wall


Hit a brick wall?

A mentor brings to the table a whole new way of looking at situations, and this can be really helpful if you're a small team - or even a large one unsure of the support available.

Collaborating with other organisations on the CAN³ floor can support you in this way too. 


blackboard knowledge

Knowledge to help you diversify

Mentors not only have valuable knowledge they can pass onto you, they can direct you to other places to seek the knowledge you're after: creative thinking, strategic planning, funding.

Want competitor analysis? Looking for a route to market? The CAN³ expertise can help you find it. 

blackboard skills

Skills that come in handy

A mentor can open up a new world of insight and show you where you can improve on your strengths and overcome weaknesses.

The CAN³ Learning zone can be a space to step into to build on those skills.


blackboard collaboration

Peer collaboration

Your mentor can expose you to new ideas, giving you inspiration and pushing your organisation further.

Added to that, peer-to-peer learning and business coaching on the CAN³ floor means you can learn from those around you. 


The CAN³ Bespoke Mentoring Competition offers one lucky organisation that comes onto the CAN³ floor 12 hours of bespoke mentoring with our sector leader gurus. You have to be on the floor to be in with a chance of winning, so apply today.

Download the competition Terms & Conditions